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We have been invited to be Consigners at the 2013 Splash of Color Fall Sale!

DateSaturday September 14th, 2013 @ 1:00 p.m. Central Time

Location: Hyder-Burks Ag Pavilion in Cookeville, TN

DETAILS:  This is the 2nd Annual Fall Sale that was started by Danny and Bobbie Stovall of Red Creek Farm in South Carolina.  All lots in this sale will be colored RED, BLACK, SPOTTED, or PAINT.  Viewing of lots will begin on Friday September 13th, 2013.  The sale will be broadcasted by DVAuction for people wanting to participate in online bidding go to to register to bid.  If you are interested in Colored Boer Goats, then this is the sale for you!  For a list of other consigners and more information go to or call Danny Stovall at 864-348-3744.  *Our LOT Numbers will be Listed Below!*  The Catalog is ready to view at

Fall 2013 Consignments *Coming Real Soon!*

Our Lots that Sold as Spring 2012 Consignments

Lot #6

75% Red Doe

DOB: 1/19/11

*SOLD...went to Tennessee*

Solid RED 75% ABGA doe out of Solid Black buck and Yellow Roan doe. This is a nice, thick, red doe. Sells exposed to DBRC BATMAN fullblood black/white spotted buck, witnessed bred on 3/12/12. Teats clean 2+2.

Lot #18

75% Black Spotted Head/Cape Doe

DOB: 1/21/11

*SOLD...went to Tennessee*


SPOTTED Black Head and Neck 75% ABGA doe out of Black and White with Tan Spot buck (IRON LION who sells as Lot #76) and Brown SPOTTED Paint doe. Really nice doe with SPOTTED genetics on both sides! Sells open. Teats 2+2 (1 is a small nonfunctional teat per side).

Lot #32

100% Red Paint Doe

DOB: 1/15/11



Red and White Paint Fullblood ABGA doe out of Solid black buck and Chocolate head doe. This is a nice, stout, easy keeper kind of doe and she comes from a background full of color! Sells open. Teats clean 2+2.

Lot #43

94% Purebred Black/White Spotted Doe

DOB: 1/24/11

*SOLD...went to Tennessee*


 LOUD Black and White spotted Purebred ABGA doe out of Black, White with Tan Spot buck (IRON LION who sells as Lot #76) and a Red Spotted Caped doe. She comes directly out of our KEEPER PEN! Nice, Beautiful Black SPOTTED doe that has a Tan Spot on her back just like her sire! Sells Open. Teats clean 1+1.

Lot #53

88% Tan/White Spotted Doe

DOB: 1/14/11



 Tan SPOTTED 88% ABGA doe with some different genetics! We purchased this doe with intent on keeping her but needed a substitute so here she is directly out of our KEEPER PEN! She is a Flashy, SPOTTED doe! Sells open. Teats clean 1+1.

Lot #67

100% Red/White Spotted Doe

DOB: 4/11/11

*SOLD...went to Tennessee, Thanks Ralph and Barbara McGee!*


LOUD Red and White SPOTTED Fullblood ABGA doe out of Black/White Spotted buck and Red/White Spotted doe. This is the 1st SPOTTED doe out of BATMAN that we have offered for sale. She was born the smallest of triplets raised on a 2 teated doe, so she is smaller for her age but has the genetic package to grow into a nice doe! Her dam BON JOLI MARISSA is a full sister to BON JOLI MARIAH (BON JOLI/LAZY S-T SIR SPOTSALOT's dam). She sells open. Teats clean 2+2.

Lot #76

100% Black, White with Tan Spot Buck


*SOLD...went to North Carolina, Thanks Nancy!


*Pictured after a hair cut:)*

Black, Mahogany, and White with Tan Spot Fullblood ABGA buck out of MAX BOER GOATS TO THE MOON a beautiful Black/Tan Tiger Dappled Buck. LION has been our Mature Herd Sire the last 2 years and is a very aggressive breeder! He has thrown a variety of COLORS and SPOTS/DAPPLES. Lot #18 and Lot #43 are LION daughters. We have retained numerous offspring including DBRC BATMAN his Black/White LOUD SPOTTED son. He is a proven producer of color and show quality offspring from breeding stock to wethers! LION has been shown so he handles well on a lead. He is ready to go to work for you! Note: Bite is off some due to age, teats 2+2.

Lot #82

100% Black/White Paint Doe

DOB: 6/12/10



Black and White paint Fullblood ABGA doe out of Solid Black buck and one of our Big Eastwood Farm Bred Does. Nice colored doe that should be carrying SPOTTED/DAPPLED kids out of our Black with Tan and White Dapples buck MAX BOER GOATS NEW MOON. This buck has produced lots of GREY DAPPLES for us! We will be excited to see what this breeding produces! Was confirmed bred with at least twins by OSU Vet on 3/30/12, should kid around 5/8/12! Teats 2+2 (one side looks like #8 on ABGA teat chart)

Lot #90

50% Red Doe

DOB: 2/7/11

*SOLD...went to Kansas, Thanks Jennifer*


Solid Red 50% ABGA doe out of Red/White SPOTTED buck and a BIG Red Roan Commercial doe. This is 1 of only 2 daughters out of this Big Roan doe that we have ever offered for sale. These daughters grow out to be Big Frame, Long Bodied, Very Maternal Does! This one is no exception!!! Sells Exposed to DBRC BATMAN fullblood Black/White SPOTTED buck, witnessed bred on 3/13/12. Teats clean 1+1.

Lot #103

100% Red/White Spotted Buck

DOB: 3/29/11

*SOLD...went to Indiana*


LOUD Red and White SPOTTED Fullblood ABGA buck out of Black/White Spotted buck and Red/White Spotted doe. Nice, young SPOTTED buck LOADED with Colored/Spotted genetics! Born a triplet. We lost his mother when he was less than 1 month old so he was raised by a surrogate mom with our assistance. He has a very good temperment and easy to handle because of this! Good bite. Teats 2+2. He should mature into a Very Nice buck and should definitely produce COLOR AND SPOTS!!!



LOT #14

97% Purebred Black Doe



   Nice solid black purebred doe out of our solid black herdsire 2JW Black as the Ace of Spades. This one comes directly out of our keeper pen!  She's a thick and powerful doe. Teats 2+2. Background full of BLACK GENETICS and should produce color! Picture is of her in the foreground and her twin sister in the background.

LOT #38

100% Paint Doe


*SOLD... went to FLORIDA!  Thanks Ray!*

   Fullblood red/white paint doe with *Ennobled* Ripper genetics on sire's side and color genetics on her dam's side. Nice square built doe that has been shown by young 4-H kid. Clean 1+1 teats.

LOT #67

99.2% Purebred SPOTTED Buck


*SOLD...went to TENNESSEE!  Thanks Dixleland Ranch!*

   Dark chocolate and white LOUD SPOTTED ABGA registered purebred buck. He is out of our red/white spotted buck MAX BOER GOATS BEAST OF BOURBON a son of the famous MAKER'S MARK! Pipeline and Renoir *Ennobled* are included in his 4th Generation Pedigree. He is a very long bodied, tall, solid muscled, and not to mention BEAUTIFUL SPOTTED BUCK!!! Clean 1+1 teats. Offspring will be registerable with ABGA! Pictured in his winter coat, but will shed off and be nice and slick coated come this summer!

LOT #87

88% Red Doe


*SOLD and went to NEW YORK!  Thanks Shannon and Jim!*

   Solid red 88% doe out of our solid red herd matriarch whom we sadly lost in a recent snow storm. It is with great hesitation we decided to offer her last solid red descendent in this sale. Papers include Pipeline *Ennobled* and Renoir *Ennobled*. She also comes from a long line of very maternal does. Clean 1+1 teats. She is a nice solid red doe sure to add color to your breeding program!

LOT #107

100% Paint Doe (*Bred)


*SOLD...went to WEST VIRGINIA!  Thanks Susan!

 Fullblood red and white paint doe with Ripper *Ennobled* Genetics on her sire's side and color genetics on her dam's side. Powerful, thick, good boned, wide chested doe. Teats 2+2. Sells bred due to kid in April to our RRD buck Brutus (has produced color). His papers include 8 *Ennoblements in his 3 Generation pedigree including RRD Right on Target, RRD Cannon (twice), RRD Ruger, EGGS R948, RYALS Topbrass, and RRD Mr. Monroe. Should produce show quality offspring!