Double J Farms

Fullblood, Percentage, & Commercial Boer Goats

*Last Updated 3/10/12*

*Trying to Update the Doe page to Reflect our Current Herd of Fullblood and Percentage Boer Goats!  Keep checking back for NEW UPDATES!!!*

Check Out The Fullbloods/Purebred Does!

*2 of the 3 OUTBACK JACK Doelings we Purchased at the LAZY ST Dispersal Sale*


100% Fullblood OUT BACK JACK Daughter


100% Fullblood OUT BACK JACK Daughter

SDG Rocknhills Holly 100% Fullblood


SDG Rocknhills "Classy" 100% Fullblood


 Show Me Boers Zoe 100% Fullblood

River Valley Farms Black Betty 100% FB


 Bon Joli Shameless Hussy 100% FB

SOLD...Thanks Zach!

 Rikaya 100% FB

Mother...Deceased 2011

 2JW Rosie 100% FB

Daughter...Sire: Dalton

SOLD-Reference picture only!

 BLSM Wynonna 100% FB


 2JW "Curly Sue" 100% FB

Daughter...Sire: Shazaam

 Bridget 100% FB


2JW "Special" 100% FB

*SOLD..Reference pic.*  Thanks Angela!

Daughter...Sire: Honky Tonk

 S3 100% FB (sister to S2)...SOLD

 2JW Gracie 100% FB

Daughter...Sire: Shazaam

S6 "Abby" 100% FB....SOLD

 Antelope Creek Ranch "Red Girl" 100% FB...SOLD

 2JW Painted Princess "PP" 100% FB "SOLD"

Daughter...Sire: Zephyr

 Bon Joli Peach Melba 97% American Purebred

 Fern Hollow Farm Red Ruger...REFERENCE PIC

*Sire to Paparazzi...Reference ONLY*

Fern Hollow Farm Paparazzi 94% Purebred

 More Pictures Coming Soon!

Look At The Percentage Does!

Show Me Boers Spot On 75% ABGA Registered

 Bon Joli Panda 88% ABGA Registered

 2JW Fancy Pants 88% ABGA Registered

Sire: Shazaam

 3MB "Pepper" 88% ABGA Registered


SOLD, Thanks Hanna (Reference Picture)


2JW "Shazaams Black Flash" 94% ABGA Reg.


Daughter...Sire: Shazaam

 2JW Shazaam's Crystal 75% ABGA

Sisters...Sire: Shazaam

 2JW Shazaam's Corona 75% ABGA

Pictures taken May 2009...Corona SOLD

 Hope 50% ABGA Registered

Mother to Halie below...Also have retained 3 spotted/colored daughters. Solid Red daughter listed on the For Sale page.

 2JW "Hope's Kindness" 75% Registered


SOLD-Reference picture only!

2JW Gauger's Cinnamon Spot 88% ABGA


Daughter...Sire: Gauger

 "Halie" 75% ABGA Registered

Also Daughter of Hope....Wether born 1/31/08 pictured at right.  Sire: Shazaam

More Pictures Coming Soon!