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Info and Pics of our Newest Spotted Buck "TAM Mr. Dot Himself" coming very soon!



We purchased "JACK FLASH" in July 2012 from Leaning Tree in Washington State.  He is a Tremendous Fullblood Red & White Spotted Paint buck own son of BON JOLI / LAZY S-T CRACKERJACK (ABGA#10502531). This buck has it all! Bone, mass, chest, butt, and a big top. We have been so impressed with his offspring. He puts his best attributes in them and COLOR!! His wethers were even competitive!  Due to our recent FLUSH we did with OUTBACK JACK *ENNOBLED and BON JOLI MARISSA...we have 4 up and coming spotted bucks with similar bloodlines, so we have decided to offer this buck in the COLOR CONNECTION SALE as LOT#82 on 9/1/13.  We hate to let him go but Don't miss the opportunity to own a GREAT BUCK out of *CRACKERJACK*!!!


DBRC BATMAN, ABGA #10500150, DOB: April 28th, 2010

We purchased BATMAN in January 2011 from R&C Dapple Boers.  He was the product of 2 well bred goats from MAX BOER GOATS, 2 MOON IRON LION and MAKERS WHISKEY & ICE.  We actually owned IRON LION (See Below) and retained several of his colored and spotted offspring but BATMAN's loud Black and White SPOTTED pattern is what motivated us to go ahead and utilize him in our SPOTTED program!  BATMAN has been shown and has produced SHOW QUALITY Colored & Spotted Offspring for us in 2012!  We already have a waiting list for people wanting his kids, so we look forward to seeing what else he produces in 2013!


MAX BOER GOATS IMAX APOLLO, ABGA #10521466 DOB: June 20th, 2010

APOLLO is a tiger dappled buck that is red/cream/white in color.  We purchased APOLLO the same time we purchased NEW MOON to be our junior herdsire.  Of course he is much bigger now and is one of main SPOT PRODUCERS at Double J Farms!  He produces the grey dappled patterns that turn tan/cream over time.  His sire is the *ENNOBLED IMAX 3D from MAX BOER GOATS.  Our Main Goal with APOLLO was to outcross him to any MAKER's MARK daughters and to incorporate his colored pattern into some of the kids.  We started having his offspring Jan 2012 and have liked the results!  Watch for more kids out of this buck in 2013!  *Pictures taken Summer 2012*


LAZY S-T Z074 "RED", ABGA #10527596, DOB: April 11th, 2010 (Deceased July 2012)

"RED" was purchased from the LAZY S-T Dispersal sale in San Angelo TX, September 2011.  He is the first solid Red buck we have used at Double J Farms.  With his size, growth, and genetics, we knew he had to come home with us!  His sire is LAZY S-T OUTBACK JACK and his dam is NK 110-04 more well known to the Dusek's as "10 Grand."  We used "RED" on some select does for Summer 2012 kids and then had a few more bred to him for Fall 2012 kids.  We unfortunately lost this buck way too soon on July 4th 2012 to fast-acting pneumonia.  He was breeding does up to the day that he passed.  We were devasted to lose this buck so suddenly but we have been able to retain some of his beautiful Colored & Spotted offspring to continue his genetics throughout our herd!



MAX BOER GOATS NEW MOON, ABGA #10475893 DOB: January 20th 2009 (SOLD...Thanks HCC Boer Goats in Arkansas)

"New Moon" is a beautiful Black with Tan and White dappling buck we purchased from MAX BOER GOATS.  When we lost BEAST in October 2010 we knew we would need to replace him with another Spotted Buck.  New Moon is a son of MAX BOER GOATS TO THE MOON which is where he likely gets his coloring from:)  His dam is a Grand-daughter of MAKER'S MARK.  He has good conformation, great horn set and is clean teated!  We are expecting his kids to start arriving January 2012 and can't wait to see what colors we may get!  *Pictures taken Summer 2012 prior to breeding season*


Reference picture ONLY!



Reference picture ONLY!

 Lion's Sire "Max Boer Goats To The Moon"


 Lion's son "Batman"

MAX BOER GOATS 2 MOON IRON LION, DOB: January 10th, 2009 (*SOLD...went to North Carolina, Thanks Nancy*)

"Iron Lion" is an unusual color with Black, Mahogany, and White with a few Tan Spots.  He originally came from MAX BOER GOATS in Pennsylvania as a young buck kid.  He's been shown so he's very gentle and easy to handle.  His pedigree shows definitely some SPOTS with his sire being MAX BOER GOATS TO THE MOON (*See reference picture above.)  Other breedings include KALR Ragin' Red, B4 Boer Goats Ragin' Tiger, Max Boer Goats Love Red Iron, Max Boer Goats Red Hot Ironman, and others.  With his background in DAPPLES, we really hope he will cross well with the BEAST daughters we have retained and hopefully add some more black with dapples to our herd!  We know he has the ability to throw dapples by looking at his son "Batman" pictured above!  *We also own BATMAN now*  We purchased "Lion" May 2010 from Russ and Crystal Horning.  Thank-you for offering us such a nice COLORFUL buck!


MAX Boer Goats Beast of Bourbon, DOB: November 12, 2007 *Deceased October 2010*

*Thanks Dave and Julie Maxwell for such a quality and beautiful buck!*

"Beast" came to us from Pennsylvania in May 2009.  We decided with a Quality Fullblood Spotted Buck like Beast, we would be able to offer quality spotted breeding stock to other producers that have a similar passion for "Spotted Boers!"  We are extensively using Beast on our colored does (Fullblood and Percentage) for Jan/Feb 2010 kids and we CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE what PATTERNS and COLORS we may get!!!  Check back for updates!!!  Check out our other NEW SPOTTED ADDITIONS on the Spotted/Dappled Goats Page!


2JW Black as The Ace of Spades, DOB: April 18, 2008 *SOLD Fall 2011*

"Ace" is our youngest herdsire at 1 year of age in these pictures.  We wanted to incorporate some "Black" genetics into our herd, so we decided to retain this Fullblood Buckling to use on all of our colored Shazaam Daughters in the Summer 2009.  We will anxiously await his kids in 10/09.

Reference Bucks


SDG ROCKNHILLS TOTAL DEPTH "TD", DOB: May 17, 2009 (*TD has been SOLD*)

This young traditional red headed buck has 9 *Ennoblements in his 3 Generation Pedigree!  He came to us from ROCKNHILLS RANCH in Oklahoma.  He is out of "Show Quality" Breeding Stock!  We plan to try to show him at some local shows and hope to breed him to a select group of yearling and adult does for October to January kids/show wethers!  Genetics include: RRD S889, EGGSPENSIVE POWERPLAY T451, EGGSPENSIVE MISTRESS, 4KIDS THROB, BLUE RIBBON R38 MAGGIE, RRD GAUGE P529, and ASHCREEK 38 MAGNUM all *ENNOBLED plus SDG ROCKNHILLS ABBEY and ORF 4KIDS OLLIE to name a few!  Thank-you Steve and Debbie for selling such a nice young buck!


*Picture taken 10/09*




GE1 R21B "Zephyr"...SOLD

Zephyr was purchased and used as one of our herdsires Summer 2008.  He is clean 2 teated, extremely long, with a wide chest and top.  He's produced outstanding replacement does and show winning wethers.  His pedigree shows quality breeding with CODI/PCI Genetics and 10 *Ennoblements in his 4 Generation pedigree that we know of including the names listed below:

SA STUD #994-370, TX630519 *Ennobled, SA STUD #994-380, SA STUD #915-9, KAPTEIN *Ennobled, TSJAKA *Ennobled, NBBG RENOIR, LOBOLA SA *Ennobled, DOW PIPELINE *Ennobled,  DOW2 BIG 85 *Ennobled, TOP GUN NO.2 *Ennobled, EGGSPENSIVE *Ennobled, EGGSFILE *Ennobled, and EGGSTREME *Ennobled! Other names include Japie II, Downen SA VCR E53, Eggs Lida, and Eggs Karen just to name a few.

***Zephyr is SOLD!!!  We have retained many doelings out of him the last two breeding seasons.  You can check out an example of his offspring on the 2009 Kids Page!***


Summer 2007


Summer 2008

ADB SHAZAAM  DOB 1-26-06  (*Shazaam has been SOLD...Thanks Nancy*)
Shazaam is really starting to fill out!  He was bred to about 20 colorful does this summer and should have kids around January 2009!  Last year he threw several kids with diluted spots and even produced black genetics when bred to mostly black or black headed does!!!  He also produced several winning wethers and really nice show quality does in 2008!

SHAZAAM is a good all around buck. He is a rich dark red paint. He is sired by Double Oak Hot Stuff. His Dam is ADB SCARLETT. Goes back to SHIL LUCKY 13, 2 SIS 325M, POWELL/Holman248P and Powell/Hollman232M.

Shazaam's Sire: Double Oak Hot Stuff