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Fullblood, Percentage, & Commercial Boer Goats

See the Colorful Display of Shazaam's and Honky Tonk's Kids below! 


Maddie's little girl out of Honky Tonk.  She sure has the color and is growing nicely!  Born 3/23/07.  She will make a nice percentage doe to add to our herd!


One of Maggie's twin boys out of Honky Tonk.  Born 3/26/07.  Both parents are traditional and he surprised us with some color too!


One of Wynonna's twins out of Shazaam.  This little doe appears to be wearing a red shirt.  Born 3/21/07.  Look for more kids out of Shazaam in the coming weeks!


Camilla's twins born 3/28/07 out of Shazaam.  The girl is on the left with the spot on her back and the boy is on the right.  See more pics of the doeling below.


Camilla's Purebred doeling.  Sire: Shazaam


Camilla's Purebred doeling.  Sire: Shazaam


One of Chloe's twin girls born 4/1/07 out of Honky Tonk.  She'll be registered as purebred.  Her twin sister is traditionally marked.


This picture was just too cute!  Sweetpea's girl only 15 mins old was laying by mom.  Born 3/30/07 out of Honky Tonk.  She's solid chocolate brown!


Sweetpea's doeling 1 month old.  Sire: Honky Tonk.  She will stay here and be added to our herd.


Marti's buckling born 4/1/07 out of Honky Tonk.  He weighed over 10lbs at birth!  He had been SOLD and will be shown at Kansas Junior Livestock Show!


Fullblood doeling out of Honky Tonk born 4/6/07.  We call her "Special" because she was found almost froze to death but still survived. 


Fullblood buckling out of Honky Tonk born 4/6/07.  He's Special's twin brother!